Real Men Do Cry


Whoever said real men don’t cry was seriously misinformed. I think our society is starting to turn around on this view, however there are still those people who hold to this belief. I for one do not agree with the thinking that men should not cry.

Crying is good for the soul, eyes, stress level, and just your mental well being. Here are seven reasons why crying is good for you.

I have heard people say the hardest they have cried was when they saw their dad cry. Is this true for you? I am not sure I have seen my dad cry and I don’t have that great of a relationship with him to really care if he does cry. Now I have cried when men that I look up too has cried. Maybe that is what it is like to have your dad cry in my head.

I was at church a few weeks ago and a guy was talking about Jesus and helping those who do not know Him by showing God’s love for them. He was really emotional and had to take a few pauses to collect his thoughts. Of course I started to cry as well, not sure if it was his faith or just that he was a guy crying, but I teared up with him. What is crazy is I overheard an older man say, “I don’t know what he was getting so emotional for.” This response could have been made due to his lack of relationship with Christ or because he was older and thought men should not cry in public, nay not at all.

Another time I remember crying with a guy crying was when I was at Camp Caudle listening to a friend speak at a camp session. He was talking about how he threw something away that his dad cherished and how his dad was not angry at him, but how he sat him down and told him a story about the object he through away. My friend started crying and if I remember correctly he mentioned his daughter. This is when I knew that I would be a dad soon and I started crying as well. I wanted to run down there and hug him.

When you become a father, you have all new fears, worries, wants and different outlooks on life. You are not so consumed about yourself or about your wife(at least this is how I am right now) it is all about your baby. There is this new beautiful creation that God has given us and said here she is yours to take care of, she is yours to show the love that I have shown you, she is your daughter. I have to admit that when I first saw her I did not bust out in tears, it took one night before I started welling up inside. I remember rocking in a chair that was in our room and thinking how she was so small and how she was my daughter. I also thought of the rule in the hospital that both parents could not be asleep with the baby in the room. So, I was rocking her looking into her blue eyes and thinking how tired I was but I did not want to take her to the nursery. Alas I had to wheel her down in the bassinet to the ladies.

Ever since then I have seen her at night before she went to bed and am the primary put-her-to-sleep-parent. When I was gone we were able to see each other via FaceTime. The other night she went to stay with my wife’s family because my wife is sick. When I carried her out to their car I was welling up inside and when I walked in my house I sat on the couch and cried for five minutes. I am not sure what my wife was thinking, I have not asked her. My daughter is six months old and I would do anything for her. It is amazing to think how six months ago there was this little baby girl that came in the world and we have never met before, yet I would die for her.

If my in-laws read this don’t feel bad about me crying, real men are allowed to cry. Thanks for reading a dugs life.


One thought on “Real Men Do Cry

  1. Excellent stuff. You are so right. When I became a dad there were so many new fears and worries. Not ashamed to say I cried at the first sight of both of my youngins. And I still cry at times when I have been away and all I want to so is be home holding them. If crying makes me not a real man, then I will be a boy the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing this!

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