Sexual Assault

I enjoy browsing to catch up on the news in the world.  Today when I viewed the site there was a picture of Joe Pa’s casket, which was a nice wooden one with a great white rose spray; I digress.  What was interesting is the fact that Joe Pa left amongst a scandal of sexual abuse by one of his coaches.  People have argued whether he did the right thing or not.  This post will not be an argument about how he handled the allegations, in fact it is not about Jo Pa.

John Chadima was the senior associate athletic director at UW-Madison.  Mr. Chadima had a party in a hotel room that involved alcohol, employees and a few minors.  When everyone was leaving Mr. Chadima asked one of the guys who worked for him to stay.  He then undid the guys belt and stuck his hand down his pants.  The guy, John Doe, slapped his hand away.  Mr. Chadima reported that he would fire the student as Mr. Doe ran out of the room.  The police were called and later Mr. Chadima resigned at UW-Madison.

What made me think about this article was the Law and Order episode I just watched called “Personal Fouls”.  It is about a coach who helps kids through basketball, however while doing that he is sexually assaulting some of them.

One of my teachers showed me a website that gives all the stats about Sexual Assault, Rape, Abuse, And Incest National Network  (RAINN).  According to RAINN 80% of all people who are sexually abused are under the age of 30.  In fact they say that every two minutes someone is sexually abused in the US.

It is my hope that we as a national would help teach our children and Universities that it is ok to talk about this difficult topic.  Why, you ask?  Because 60% of sexual assault cases are never reported, SIXTY PERCENT!  The stigma that society has given to these victims is not a good one.  I have a friend who is afraid to tell people that he was sexually abused in fear that people would look differently at him.  Once he had someone say that he would abuse someone because that is what abused children do, they grow up to be an abuser.  FALSE, the statistic that person was looking at was how many of the abusers were abused.  What about all the people who have been abused that have not abused.  Please check out the RAINN website and get familiar with the stats.

Do you know anyone who has been abused?  Were you yourself abused?  How can we take what is going on in the news about these sexual assaults and teach out young people about them?


Father of the year

Have you heard about the father in Ohio that duck taped his daughter, placed her in a dog pin and dripped water in her face?  I just read it on CNN.  The father’s lawyer stated that this was a joke that got out of hand.  The father and his 13 year old son took pictures of the so called prank and uploaded them to Facebook.  Someone sent this evidence to the authorities and he has been arrested.

Putting shaving cream in your daughter’s hand while she is sleeping and tickling her nose so she will slap her face with it is a prank, not this.  This father should spend some time in jail and be made to attend parenting classes.  This can seriously mess up his daughters emotional state and it will come back to her in the future.  This teaches his son to not respect women.

What do you think should happen to this father?


According to the Arkansas Prison System, the second prison guard in the history of the APS has died at the hands of an inmate.  Sgt. Barbara Ester, 46, was stabbed by an inmate with a six inch metal shank.  CNN stated in their story that Ester was trying to take away a pair of non-approved shoes from the inmate.  The inmate took out his shank and stabbed her in the stomach.

I have never been in a prison before, but the ones on TV look really locked down, so how do these things get into the inmate?  This inmate is serving a life sentence already for murder and they have him in places where he has access to getting shoes?

The National Institute of Corrections stated in 2008 that the crime rate in Arkansas is 20% higher than the National average.

If prison is there to help keep people who break the law off the streets to protect us, then what can happen to protect prison guards?


Reading through my Criminology book I see that crime is subject to where you are.  In our country you are able to have an abortion, but in another country you cannot.  You can only have crime where there is a law saying it is a crime.

I found a news story about how the law saying Abortion is legal will turn 40 years old this week.  In this article there are some women who speak about how they wish they had not aborted their children and speak about the consequences of aborting their child.

According to Conflict Theory we as a country will always have conflicting feelings about abortion.  Is it wrong or is it right?  The ones who can convince the correct people  will determine if it is legal or illegal.

What caught my eye in this story is a new “study”, that they did not cite, that shows there are more abortions when it is illegal than when it is legal.  That seems concerning to me, well either way it is concerning.  I personally know friends who are not able to have children and I know they would love to have a child instead of seeing them aborted.

What are you thoughts about this “study” that the news forgot to leave out?

Criminology Class

Criminology: is the scientific study of the making of laws, the breaking of laws, and society’s reaction to the breaking of laws. -Adler, Mueller, Laufer

Currently I am in this class this semester and I will enjoy it thoroughly.  With that being said, I will be quite busy during this semester.  The professor has us reading, taking quizzes, tests, writing a 6-8 page term paper and he wants us to write three articles a week about current events. I know, I know, this is college so suck it up and get your degree.

Since I wanted to blog more this year, I figured I would write my three journal articles here and then copy paste to my blackboard.  Please let me know what you think about my articles and the journals, I will let you know upfront that some of these articles will be controversial.

Thanks for reading a dugs life.

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