Warby Parker: Home Try-On Program

Today I received the five pairs of Warby Parker’s that I picked out for my Home Try-On Program.  Who is Warby Parker you ask?  Check out my last blog about them.

Let’s review what has happened here…Late Friday night , January 27th, I was on Warby Parker website looking at frames.  I noticed that I could have five pair sent to me, so I put five of them in my Home Try-On cart.  Once I was done I placed my order, which costed me NOTHING. (Well, they charge you one dollar to make sure you are using a real card, then they put the dollar back on.  Thus making it free.)  I received an email shortly after saying thanks for my order.  I received another email from them on Monday January 30th stating my order has shipped. WHAT!  It has shipped already? That was fast.  Speaking of fast, today Wed February 1 I received the Home Try-On kit.

First off, the presentation of the case for the five frames is very simple, elegant, and chic.  I took these to the CCSC tonight and showed them off, I felt like a salesman opening up my crate of merch and explaining which ones are which and what all that.  I LOVE IT.

That is my Grandpa, he has past away, but it looks like he could be wearing Warby’s huh?  Looks like Winstons.

Here is the question…How do they look on me?  Please help me decide which ones look best.  Or, tell me I need to try some different frames and I can do another Home Try-On.  Also, what colors?  I wear Blacks and Browns.


Designer Frames; Revolutionary Price Point

All my life I have worn eyeglasses and I know what it is like to purchase new ones.  You are in the optometrist’s office walking around picking up frames, trying them on, look at the price and them put them back.  It is insane how much we get charged to get some frames and then we have to talk about the lenses.  What material, should it have a special film on it to prevent scratches, oh and what about when people take your pictures or you are driving at night and your classes have this sheen to them; we need anti glare on them.  Even if you have insurance, you may be coming out of the office owing about $100, without insurance you will be spending twice that.

When I was younger we could not afford glasses, but thank God we had the Lion’s Club to help us out.  As you can see in the picture below, the free frames were not all that nice, but the price point was.

What if I tell you that you can get great fashionable glasses for CHEAP.  Not only are they cheap, but the company that you purchase them from will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need.  Look right above this paragraph, that kid would not of had glasses if it was not for someone helping him out.

So, who is this great company?  Their name is Warby Paker!  The best part about this company is that, yes you get the frames for $95, BUT you get the prescribed lenses as well.  That is FRAME and LENS for one low price of $95.  Am I getting your attention here?  Not only are they throwing in lenses, but the lenses have anti-scratch AND anti-glare on them, FOR FREE, NO MORE ADDED COST!

What about insurance you say?  Well, they are not up and running on taking insurance yet, but once you pay for your glasses they will send you an itemized receipt, upon request.  With this receipt you can have your insurance reimburse you for “nonparticipating provider”.

Let’s take my Humana VCP insurance for example.  With this “nonparticipating provider” I will get reimbursed $40 for frames and $25 dollars on lenses.  If my math is correct that comes to be $65 dollars.  $95 minus $65 will make me pay $30 after it is all done with.

I am supper excited to get a great pair of glasses for a great price and help someone get a free pair of glasses out of it like the little boy above did.

OH WAIT!  I almost forgot to tell you about the Home Try On Program.  You can choose FIVE pair of glasses to be mailed to you so you can try them on and have your family and friends tell you what they think.  Once your FIVE days are up you mail them back.  What about postage?  FREE – both ways.

I have requested my five and I will let you know which ones I tried and which one I will buy.  Until then, thanks for reading a dugs life.

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