According to the Arkansas Prison System, the second prison guard in the history of the APS has died at the hands of an inmate.  Sgt. Barbara Ester, 46, was stabbed by an inmate with a six inch metal shank.  CNN stated in their story that Ester was trying to take away a pair of non-approved shoes from the inmate.  The inmate took out his shank and stabbed her in the stomach.

I have never been in a prison before, but the ones on TV look really locked down, so how do these things get into the inmate?  This inmate is serving a life sentence already for murder and they have him in places where he has access to getting shoes?

The National Institute of Corrections stated in 2008 that the crime rate in Arkansas is 20% higher than the National average.

If prison is there to help keep people who break the law off the streets to protect us, then what can happen to protect prison guards?


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