Sexual Assault

I enjoy browsing to catch up on the news in the world.  Today when I viewed the site there was a picture of Joe Pa’s casket, which was a nice wooden one with a great white rose spray; I digress.  What was interesting is the fact that Joe Pa left amongst a scandal of sexual abuse by one of his coaches.  People have argued whether he did the right thing or not.  This post will not be an argument about how he handled the allegations, in fact it is not about Jo Pa.

John Chadima was the senior associate athletic director at UW-Madison.  Mr. Chadima had a party in a hotel room that involved alcohol, employees and a few minors.  When everyone was leaving Mr. Chadima asked one of the guys who worked for him to stay.  He then undid the guys belt and stuck his hand down his pants.  The guy, John Doe, slapped his hand away.  Mr. Chadima reported that he would fire the student as Mr. Doe ran out of the room.  The police were called and later Mr. Chadima resigned at UW-Madison.

What made me think about this article was the Law and Order episode I just watched called “Personal Fouls”.  It is about a coach who helps kids through basketball, however while doing that he is sexually assaulting some of them.

One of my teachers showed me a website that gives all the stats about Sexual Assault, Rape, Abuse, And Incest National Network  (RAINN).  According to RAINN 80% of all people who are sexually abused are under the age of 30.  In fact they say that every two minutes someone is sexually abused in the US.

It is my hope that we as a national would help teach our children and Universities that it is ok to talk about this difficult topic.  Why, you ask?  Because 60% of sexual assault cases are never reported, SIXTY PERCENT!  The stigma that society has given to these victims is not a good one.  I have a friend who is afraid to tell people that he was sexually abused in fear that people would look differently at him.  Once he had someone say that he would abuse someone because that is what abused children do, they grow up to be an abuser.  FALSE, the statistic that person was looking at was how many of the abusers were abused.  What about all the people who have been abused that have not abused.  Please check out the RAINN website and get familiar with the stats.

Do you know anyone who has been abused?  Were you yourself abused?  How can we take what is going on in the news about these sexual assaults and teach out young people about them?


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