Reading through my Criminology book I see that crime is subject to where you are.  In our country you are able to have an abortion, but in another country you cannot.  You can only have crime where there is a law saying it is a crime.

I found a news story about how the law saying Abortion is legal will turn 40 years old this week.  In this article there are some women who speak about how they wish they had not aborted their children and speak about the consequences of aborting their child.

According to Conflict Theory we as a country will always have conflicting feelings about abortion.  Is it wrong or is it right?  The ones who can convince the correct people  will determine if it is legal or illegal.

What caught my eye in this story is a new “study”, that they did not cite, that shows there are more abortions when it is illegal than when it is legal.  That seems concerning to me, well either way it is concerning.  I personally know friends who are not able to have children and I know they would love to have a child instead of seeing them aborted.

What are you thoughts about this “study” that the news forgot to leave out?


Dirty 30

Today is a special day, January 13, 2012. I turned thirty years old today. This birthday is a lot harder for me than others that I have had. Some of you may be saying that thirty is not old at all and I agree, but it FEELS old.


I was talking with my wife about my concerns with turning thirty, mainly about not accomplishing as much as I wanted. She reminded me that my twenties were trying to get over something in my childhood. She is so right!

So what highlights do I have from my thirty years?

1. survived Houston, TX.
2. became a Christian.
3. graduated from high school, which a lot of teachers thought I would not.
4. met life long friends at a great small College. CRC!
5. met my beautiful wife at Harding University.
6. accumulated student loan debt.
7. changed a few jobs and gaining life long experiences.
8. meeting my daughter for the first time.
9. gaining employment at Arkansas Tech.
10. finding God as my Father.

I am looking forward to my 30th year and what it will bring to my life. If all goes as planned, I will graduate on August 11 and then start a masters degree in College Student Personnel (Higher Education).

I love my job that I have and do not plan on moving away from my department.

First day of classes started this week and I can’t wait to learn some Criminal Justice. You will hear about this more.
Until then…thanks for reading a dugs life.

One year ago…

One year ago today I was fired from my job.  Fired, as in no more job, no more insurance, no more security and no more sense of self.  Have you ever been fired before?  It does something to someone mentally and physically.  I started to think of what I could have done differently…which I admit there were a few things I could have done differently.

Being terminated makes you feel less of a man and I hated telling my wife that I was fired.  Basicly telling her that her security has been swept from underneath her, oh yeah and she was pregnant.  So, now how were we going to pay for this birth?  When the baby gets here will we be able to feed him/her.

It was tough and the physical part is I think i ate my emotions and gained more weight, which was not good trying to fit into interview clothes.

After being unemployed for three months I found a new job:

I was so excited to get on with PetSmart as a dog trainer.  Did I say dog trainer? I mean something happened and I did not get to be a dog trainer, so I was moved into a Management position.  I was feeling on top of the world, new job, new role, new child.

Working in Management was not all that great, it was so foreign to me.  It is funny, well not really, but my Manager at PetSmart told me once that I need “more confidence”.  This punched me in the face.  My old boss from the company I was fired from told me this multiple times and I was denied four times to be in management.  I think after this was said to me I shut down at PetSmart and went on cruise control.

I mean really, HOW DOES SOMEONE GAIN CONFIDENCE! I still have not figured it out.

Well, I was on cruise control at PetSmart just trying to get my pay check, but I was able to meet a lot of new friends.  Even though I was working at PetSmart I was still looking for a new job, nay a career and I found it.

After applying for three and a half years I was hired on at ATU.  This is what I have been thinking about doing ever since I was a work study student in the School of Education.  The life of academia is great and I cannot wait to get my Master’s in College Student Personnel.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading a dugs life.


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