Criminology Class

Criminology: is the scientific study of the making of laws, the breaking of laws, and society’s reaction to the breaking of laws. -Adler, Mueller, Laufer

Currently I am in this class this semester and I will enjoy it thoroughly.  With that being said, I will be quite busy during this semester.  The professor has us reading, taking quizzes, tests, writing a 6-8 page term paper and he wants us to write three articles a week about current events. I know, I know, this is college so suck it up and get your degree.

Since I wanted to blog more this year, I figured I would write my three journal articles here and then copy paste to my blackboard.  Please let me know what you think about my articles and the journals, I will let you know upfront that some of these articles will be controversial.

Thanks for reading a dugs life.


Dirty 30

Today is a special day, January 13, 2012. I turned thirty years old today. This birthday is a lot harder for me than others that I have had. Some of you may be saying that thirty is not old at all and I agree, but it FEELS old.


I was talking with my wife about my concerns with turning thirty, mainly about not accomplishing as much as I wanted. She reminded me that my twenties were trying to get over something in my childhood. She is so right!

So what highlights do I have from my thirty years?

1. survived Houston, TX.
2. became a Christian.
3. graduated from high school, which a lot of teachers thought I would not.
4. met life long friends at a great small College. CRC!
5. met my beautiful wife at Harding University.
6. accumulated student loan debt.
7. changed a few jobs and gaining life long experiences.
8. meeting my daughter for the first time.
9. gaining employment at Arkansas Tech.
10. finding God as my Father.

I am looking forward to my 30th year and what it will bring to my life. If all goes as planned, I will graduate on August 11 and then start a masters degree in College Student Personnel (Higher Education).

I love my job that I have and do not plan on moving away from my department.

First day of classes started this week and I can’t wait to learn some Criminal Justice. You will hear about this more.
Until then…thanks for reading a dugs life.

2011 in review

Happy New Year!


One of my resolutions this year is to blog more.  Check out the stats about my blog from 2011.


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 30 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Chick-fil-a Dinner

Dinner was yummy, we had a chicken sandwhich, waffle fries and a drink.

The entertainment has kicked up a lot. We have a live DJ and he is crazy. We are having games like roller derby with toilet paper, holla hooping, and lots of dancing.

It is getting colder out and I can see sleep written all over people’s faces.

AND WHY is someone eating McD’s here? SHAMEFUL!

Thanks for reading a dugs life.

Chick-fil-a First 100 Lunch

Can we say chicken strips, chips and Chick-fil-a sauce? Yes, that is what I had for lunch.

Since my last post we had a scavenger hunt, saltine cracker chew and try to whistle and now they are doing a relay that you take a sponge and try to get a lot of water in a gallon.

You can tell that the day is getting to people. They are hanging out in their tents more and not as willing to participate in games. Of course that is me, I have not participated in any games.

I am about to go take a lil nap, catch you guys at dinner.

Thanks for reading a dugs life.

Chick-fil-a First 100 Breakfast

Are they going to call my number? What if I am an alternate? How many have been called in? These are some of the questions that were running through my mind when the raffle for the First 100 were being called out. You no longer have to call me Doug, hence forth I shall be Number 54.

Yep, I got in and I am really enjoying myself. My sociology side is coming out and I am seeing some really neat things.

1. Family Time
There are married couples here and some have their children. What a fun way to spend time with your family and get double the free chicken sandwiches. There is a little girl on rollarblades rolling around the drive through. Who knows, maybe next time I can bring my wife and daughter.

2. Community
There are groups of people here that have come from far and some that are local and it seems as though they know each other. When they would get called in during the raffle they are like, YEAH JOE, BOB, etc. There is a group of guys sharing a six man tent.
Two guys are tossing around a football as I write this entry. Earlier some people were playing a bean bag toss game. Two ladies are playing cards in front of me. And the rest are either reading books, chatting or sleeping.

3. Great Business Ethics
Chick-fil-a knows customer service. If you have ever ordered here you know that it is their “Pleasure” to assist you.
The First 100 is a great way for Chick-fil-a to connect with their consumers and get a great fan base. What better advertisement than 100 tents being erected in your parking lot? Just think of how many people are doing what I am doing and bloging, texting, facebooking, and twitting about their experience. All great advertisement for 52 free meals for 100 people.

For breakfast they served chicken biscuits and it was yummy. We were given a plastic Chick-fil-a cup to take advantage of the all you can drink water, sweet tea and coffee that is sitting out. The only complaint I have is the cup. It would be nice to have a larger cooler cup that said First 100 Event Participant. One with a lid and plastic straw.

Would you consider staying in a parking lot for 24 hours for free food?

I hope you are enjoying a dugs life and I will see you again at lunch.

Chick-fil-a First 100

Have you heard of the main event that Chick-fil-a does before their grand opening? It is called the “First 100”. At first glance you think, “If I am the first 100 that shows up, then I get free Chick-fil-a for a year!” That is not the case. If you go to their website, you can view all the rules for the First 100 Event.

You have to arrive at 5:30am at the Chick-fil-a that is opening the day before their grand opening. You then are allowed on their property at 6:00am. You then form lines of 25, if there are more than 100 people, they go to a raffle. A raffle stub is passed out to you and you wait for your number to be called.

Once your number is called then you go into the restaurant to sign some legal forms. After that, you get an assigned parking spot and you are there for the night.

If you do not leave, you will earn Chick-fil-a for a year! That means you receive a coupon book of 52 free number 1’s.

Now that you understand the process, I will be writing more posts throughout the day. I just hope that my phone stays charged, I had no idea you can bring an extension cord, I should have listened to my wife.

Thanks for reading a dugs life.

One year ago…

One year ago today I was fired from my job.  Fired, as in no more job, no more insurance, no more security and no more sense of self.  Have you ever been fired before?  It does something to someone mentally and physically.  I started to think of what I could have done differently…which I admit there were a few things I could have done differently.

Being terminated makes you feel less of a man and I hated telling my wife that I was fired.  Basicly telling her that her security has been swept from underneath her, oh yeah and she was pregnant.  So, now how were we going to pay for this birth?  When the baby gets here will we be able to feed him/her.

It was tough and the physical part is I think i ate my emotions and gained more weight, which was not good trying to fit into interview clothes.

After being unemployed for three months I found a new job:

I was so excited to get on with PetSmart as a dog trainer.  Did I say dog trainer? I mean something happened and I did not get to be a dog trainer, so I was moved into a Management position.  I was feeling on top of the world, new job, new role, new child.

Working in Management was not all that great, it was so foreign to me.  It is funny, well not really, but my Manager at PetSmart told me once that I need “more confidence”.  This punched me in the face.  My old boss from the company I was fired from told me this multiple times and I was denied four times to be in management.  I think after this was said to me I shut down at PetSmart and went on cruise control.

I mean really, HOW DOES SOMEONE GAIN CONFIDENCE! I still have not figured it out.

Well, I was on cruise control at PetSmart just trying to get my pay check, but I was able to meet a lot of new friends.  Even though I was working at PetSmart I was still looking for a new job, nay a career and I found it.

After applying for three and a half years I was hired on at ATU.  This is what I have been thinking about doing ever since I was a work study student in the School of Education.  The life of academia is great and I cannot wait to get my Master’s in College Student Personnel.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading a dugs life.



This morning Ashlee, Kennedee and I had breakfast at Hardee’s and boy it sure was good. We hardeely have breakfast together, however starting this Friday we will start having it more often. It is so nice to be able to sit, eat and be merry.


While we were eating I noticed some older couples and singles in the dining area. When an older person walked in the others knew their name and greeted them cheerfully. One older guy walked to the side and sat down and flipped open the paper. Then another guy sat at the next table and they both acknowledged each other and he opened his paper. Another fella sat at the next table and started to eat his food while greeting the other guys. Then lastly another guy showed up and sat at another table and while greeting the other three guys he opened his paper. There was a lady across the way and she said “Looks like you are having a paper reading contest.” I wonder what they guys thought when she said this?

One guy started to talk with another guy about how today was 9/11 and how he remembered where he was when it happened. He also went on talking about how he sure hoped that nothing would happen today, as in another attack or crazy stunt. Another tid-bit that he talked about was having conflicting feelings for today. His daughter was turning 33 today, but he still was thinking about 9/11. The guys went on back to reading their papers.

When we left I told Ashlee that my sociology schooling was peaked by how these guys meet up and share their lives. Ashlee than stated that they are getting what we get from going to church, which is community. Hmm, that is so right.


I think that sometimes we get in this mindset that we go to church and once the sermon has ended we are done with our community. I personally enjoy hanging out with like minded people who love the lord. Being able to talk about concerns in our lives or just joking around is what we need in our lives. How can we be uplifted by our friends if we cannot have open communication with them? I love that when two or more are gathered there he is, you know that means you do not have to be at church to have church right?

Community is great and I hope you have, because if it was not for a campus ministry to show me this great community I would be holding the world on my shoulders not knowing what to do next. It is just a blessing to be able to tell someone your concerns, your struggles, your worries, and just to tell them about blessings that come into your life. I really hope you have found something like this and if you have not, I hope you find something like it.

Thanks for reading a dugs life.

Juicer is here!

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and received this DVD free to review.  Please see below for my honest opinion about Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

IT IS HERE!  My Breville juicer arrived.  Have you seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?  Well, you need to see it because it has inspired me to do a juice fast for 10 days.

Now the hard part, doing it.  Thanks for reading a dugs life.

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