Chick-fil-a First 100 Breakfast

Are they going to call my number? What if I am an alternate? How many have been called in? These are some of the questions that were running through my mind when the raffle for the First 100 were being called out. You no longer have to call me Doug, hence forth I shall be Number 54.

Yep, I got in and I am really enjoying myself. My sociology side is coming out and I am seeing some really neat things.

1. Family Time
There are married couples here and some have their children. What a fun way to spend time with your family and get double the free chicken sandwiches. There is a little girl on rollarblades rolling around the drive through. Who knows, maybe next time I can bring my wife and daughter.

2. Community
There are groups of people here that have come from far and some that are local and it seems as though they know each other. When they would get called in during the raffle they are like, YEAH JOE, BOB, etc. There is a group of guys sharing a six man tent.
Two guys are tossing around a football as I write this entry. Earlier some people were playing a bean bag toss game. Two ladies are playing cards in front of me. And the rest are either reading books, chatting or sleeping.

3. Great Business Ethics
Chick-fil-a knows customer service. If you have ever ordered here you know that it is their “Pleasure” to assist you.
The First 100 is a great way for Chick-fil-a to connect with their consumers and get a great fan base. What better advertisement than 100 tents being erected in your parking lot? Just think of how many people are doing what I am doing and bloging, texting, facebooking, and twitting about their experience. All great advertisement for 52 free meals for 100 people.

For breakfast they served chicken biscuits and it was yummy. We were given a plastic Chick-fil-a cup to take advantage of the all you can drink water, sweet tea and coffee that is sitting out. The only complaint I have is the cup. It would be nice to have a larger cooler cup that said First 100 Event Participant. One with a lid and plastic straw.

Would you consider staying in a parking lot for 24 hours for free food?

I hope you are enjoying a dugs life and I will see you again at lunch.


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