This morning Ashlee, Kennedee and I had breakfast at Hardee’s and boy it sure was good. We hardeely have breakfast together, however starting this Friday we will start having it more often. It is so nice to be able to sit, eat and be merry.


While we were eating I noticed some older couples and singles in the dining area. When an older person walked in the others knew their name and greeted them cheerfully. One older guy walked to the side and sat down and flipped open the paper. Then another guy sat at the next table and they both acknowledged each other and he opened his paper. Another fella sat at the next table and started to eat his food while greeting the other guys. Then lastly another guy showed up and sat at another table and while greeting the other three guys he opened his paper. There was a lady across the way and she said “Looks like you are having a paper reading contest.” I wonder what they guys thought when she said this?

One guy started to talk with another guy about how today was 9/11 and how he remembered where he was when it happened. He also went on talking about how he sure hoped that nothing would happen today, as in another attack or crazy stunt. Another tid-bit that he talked about was having conflicting feelings for today. His daughter was turning 33 today, but he still was thinking about 9/11. The guys went on back to reading their papers.

When we left I told Ashlee that my sociology schooling was peaked by how these guys meet up and share their lives. Ashlee than stated that they are getting what we get from going to church, which is community. Hmm, that is so right.


I think that sometimes we get in this mindset that we go to church and once the sermon has ended we are done with our community. I personally enjoy hanging out with like minded people who love the lord. Being able to talk about concerns in our lives or just joking around is what we need in our lives. How can we be uplifted by our friends if we cannot have open communication with them? I love that when two or more are gathered there he is, you know that means you do not have to be at church to have church right?

Community is great and I hope you have, because if it was not for a campus ministry to show me this great community I would be holding the world on my shoulders not knowing what to do next. It is just a blessing to be able to tell someone your concerns, your struggles, your worries, and just to tell them about blessings that come into your life. I really hope you have found something like this and if you have not, I hope you find something like it.

Thanks for reading a dugs life.


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