‘Breaking’ into weight loss

My insurance has kicked in and I am so happy! Once I knew it was active I called the Doctor and made an appointment as soon as possible, and that was today.

I had a list to go over with the Dr.

  1. Wellness
  2. Right Nostril always clogged
  3. Right knee hurting
  4. Left foot hurting extremely bad

I go into the room and chat with the doc about what is going on. We see that I have lost some weight, but I still weighed in at 318 lbs. The conversation quickly goes from what is wrong to stop eating so much. What? Huh?! Did my Dr. just tell me that I was fat and overweight? Um, yes yes he did and you know what? I LOVE that he did. I wonder if Dr’s are telling people that they are overweight or if they don’t to not hurt their feelings? I believe I will talk about this on my next post.

After we got done chatting I went to get my blood drawn, that nurse was gentle.

Then I went to get my foot X-Rayed. The result?

That is my foot.. Looks weird huh? I wonder if that looks normal? Well, the second stick from the left you will see a fuzzy thing with a lil crack in it. Do you see it? Here let’s try this…

You see it now? Nice lil crack huh? How did that happen? I have a few ideas…

  1. Doing P90X and trying to keep up with Tony.
  2. Working at PetSmart and walking around on a concrete floor all the time.
  3. Being 100 pounds overweight.

I think it is a combo of all these.

WAKE UP DOUG YOU ARE FAT AND NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT Thanks for reading a dugs life.


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