iPad = Kidney

You call me an Apple Fan boy?  Yes yes I am, however I do have my limits.  1. Money 2. Bodily harm.  If I do not have the money I will not be purchasing Apple products and you will not see me getting tattoos or hmm lets say SELLING A KIDNEY!  That is right, someone would actually sell their Kidney for one of Apple’s products.

Zheng, a 17 year old teenager from China, decided to sell one of his kidneys to finance the purchase of an iPad 2.  He apprenatly wrote about how he wanted an iPad 2 on the internet and how he did not have any money to purchase one and he wanted someone to help him.  A sol called broker reached out to him and said that he will help him donate his Kidney for $3,000.  The kid showed up to a hosptital and went under the knife.  Once he woke up, the “broker” gave him his money and left.  When the kid got out of the hosptial he went to the Apple store and purchase a MacBook and an iPhone.  He said since he had more money he would get better stuff than just the iPad 2.

The kid got home with his new stuff and his mom was like, um where did you get this stuff?  He explained everything to her and she took him to the police.  They then went to the hospital and found out that they are not even authorized to do operations like this and denied everything.

So, here is a kid missing a kidney and enjoying his new MacBook and iPhone.  Let’s hope his other kidney does not fail.

Thanks for reading a dugs life.


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