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Good Evening everyone, this is where I am going to tell you about my life.  About my wife, daughter, school, work, pretty much whatever comes to mind.

Like about five minutes ago I got off the phone with my dad.  Talks with my dad are crazy, he is the type that lives in the past and does not know how to think of the future.  I cannot stand it when he talks about my mom, he does not say bad things about her, just stupid stuff about the past.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that they have been divorced since the beginning of Doug’s Life.

I had a pretty traumatic childhood, which I will tell you about more later throughout the blog. In the readings that I have done I have come across that I need to hear my dad say “I love you” or build a better relationship with him.  But I really don’t want to, is that bad to say?  For-instance, he wants my family to come visit him for a couple of days at his house.  We do not have money to just do this, but if we did, I am not sure I would want to introduce my baby to this man.  I may be making sound worse than he is, but he has hurt my mom and our family.  He was not the one that messed me up, that was my step-dad.

I would also like to read some books and write about them here.  I am not the best reader, so it may take me a little while to finish a book. Have you read a book and wrote about it?  Your tips are welcome, did you read one chapter at a time? Or the whole thing then talked about it?

Bible study is what I want to write about as well.  I have had friends tell me that I need to study the Psalms. I have started two or three times, however I always stop around the 23rd Psalm.

I have a very addictive personality, so I will talk about this as well.  Too bad I have not been able to get addicted to working out.  I saw on the Dr. Oz show today that eating carbs is releasing the same chemical in your brain as cocaine does.  No wonder want to sneak around and eat as much as I want behind my friends and family’s back.  I will tell you more about these things later as well.

I am a proud owner of a MacBook and iPhone 4. Yes, I do enjoy these worldly pleasures and I am happy to say that I converted my wife to the dark side.  She is now a, well maybe I can’t say proud like me, but an owner of an iPhone 3GS.  One reason I am happy about this is the fact we can text each other more.  Where I work is very difficult to call, since it is forbidden in the law book or PetSmart.  But when I have a chance, I can text her.

Well, that is enough for tonight and thanks for reading a dugs life.


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